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This way no false expectations are aroused. In the end, that hurts even more. Clear refusals à la “I think you are likeable, but I can no longer imagine” may hurt, but at least that way the other person knows where he is.

What I want? A quick flirt or something serious? Every potential user should ask himself this question before logging on to a portal. With paid providers, the chance of a hit is higher, says Borde. “Quite simply, because those responsible there have thought more about how they can match people with one another and specifically look for matches in the personality profiles.”

But of course there is nowhere a guarantee that it will work. The newer dating apps like Tinder are more of a playful nature. “This is primarily about flirting and sometimes also about sex. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you are usually better off on the classic online dating platforms, ”advises Dröge. With a free trial membership you can test whether there are people on the respective portal with whom you feel comfortable.

Profiles without photos or with loveless passport photos are pointless. “It’s worth investing a little time here,” advises Borde. According to the relationship coach, women are best received when they smile openly. Too revealing photos, however, would be seen as a clear signal by many men. This mainly attracts those who are looking for a quick one-night stand.

In men, women often want to see more than just their face. “Three-quarter photos get the most clicks, preferably with a nice background, because women not only examine the man, but also the background,” says Borde. A photo that was taken while walking or on vacation, for example, has a likeable effect. You should also be careful about showing yourself doing sports if you are not in love with sports at all. That arouses false expectations.

There are a few tricks you can use to make a nice date more likely. “First write or chat on the online platform, then exchange private e-mail addresses, then make a phone call,” advises Borde. In this way, the two flirt partners can get a better and better picture of the other person. In addition, the voice is a clear barometer of whether you like the other person.

“Neutral ground” is advisable for a first date when you meet someone online, says Dannecker. Because despite all of the virtual communication, you are still a little stranger to each other: the body and the effect of the other are not yet known. Careful scanning before the first date is also possible. You can first look through the window in the restaurant or café to see how the virtual partner looks live and in color.

Danger! “Online dating is addictive,” says Borde. But if you are only online, you are missing out on real life. If you have found a partner with whom you can imagine more, but are still hanging around on the online dating sites, trouble is inevitable. This provokes jealousy and misunderstandings. In addition, some portals cost money. Anyone who has taken out a subscription must observe the notice period so that the contract is not extended unintentionally. “Unfortunately, some providers have already attracted negative attention here,” warns Dröge.

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online dating tips : Why persons shouldn’t conduct online dating – If online as well as

Numerous attractive singles are looking for a partner on the contact exchange. But the competition is fierce and the more attractive the ad, the more contact requests the single receives from others. What do you write to a person who only knows the profile details? We’ll give you tips to help you get started with the first contact.

The first step on the way to the new contact is a personal message. Of course, the contact request already signals interest, but is relatively impersonal. The last little bit is missing that signals to your counterpart why he or she is the focus of your efforts. Individual partner exchanges offer the opportunity to send fun questions – break the ice this way and establish initial contact.

In any case, it is important in your first message that you mention why you are contacting us. So you can stand out on the one hand and pay a compliment at the same time. Mention, for example, the likeable smile, the right place of residence, the same hobby, etc.

Even if you are writing to several users, you should avoid your text always being the same. Phrases and text blocks are quickly identified as such and do not exactly invite you to answer the author. Therefore, write every email as a personal and unique message.

The message should be personal, but by no means long. Sentences like “My house, my car, my ex …” have a deterrent effect on potential flirtation. In addition, neither your life story nor a simple “Hello, how are you” are suitable for a first email. Messages of this type are very likely to end up in the virtual trash.

Think of an exciting headline that makes you want more and arouses the curiosity of the addressee. A short email with five to ten lines is sufficient to get you started. To increase your chances of success, it can’t hurt to send a short (individual) message to several candidates. Note: quality over quantity!

Find a specific topic or a characteristic that you highlight or emphasize in the first message. The addressee can take the essential facts such as name, age or occupation from your profile. Use the first cover letter to set accents! Do you have an exciting hobby or are you working on an exciting project?

In the mail, explain why you want to get to know the other person. True to the motto “I am interested in you because …”. Study the profile, you may discover similarities here that you can emphasize.

online dating tips : The reason men and women ought not complete online dating services – No matter if on line as well as

The first impression counts – especially when it comes to online dating. Pictures are your calling card when dating online. Therefore, you can invest time here until you like yourself and find yourself again. Here are some little tips from research: Pictures taken from the side make you look more dynamic and full-body shots are generally more successful. Flirting, laughing or looking friendly with the camera – this is how you collect sympathy points. It is also important to pay attention to the background when choosing the pictures, because here too your counterpart draws attention to your character. A messy room or an autumn forest? What would you like better?

When looking for a partner, it’s not just about looks, you also specifically look for similarities. So choose pictures that show you hobbies and that already reveal your interests. So your counterpart can recognize more than just your external appearance. Is music important to you? – Show this by playing an instrument or dancing in your photos. Caution is advised with revealing images. Be aware that such a photo is more likely to attract quick numbers than serious relationship seekers. So get rid of the underwear picture: a photo that shows you beaming at your hobbies says a lot more about you anyway.

First, make sure to use this feature. Even if pictures say more than words, without a description your potential (flirt) partner lacks information about you. But a clumsy description can quickly melt any positive impression away. For example, no gos are 0-8-15 sayings like “Carpe Diem”. Of course it is not possible to put your whole life into a short self-promotion, but a small lovable detail seems more personal, more sincere and more interesting than typing in Latin wisdom.

Your own profile is ready and the first suggestions come – what now? Take your time! Take a calm look at your counterpart and read the self-description carefully. Take a second look and flip through the pictures more often. Pay attention to the details that can be seen. If nobody is there for the first time, you develop an eye for what you are actually looking for and what appeals to you.

Online dating has a huge advantage: It is much easier to get in touch with the other person. The same applies to women: Dare to do it! The same rule applies here as for the self-description: Get rid of standard phrases. Better a casual but personal message that refers, for example, to a specific photo or the self-description of the other person. But the spice lies in brevity. After he or she has received the signal that you are interested, the other person can go to great lengths.

You are sympathetic and have made contact. Even if you are sure that the person you are talking to is the most fascinating person you have ever met, too enthusiastic news often seems daunting. It’s as simple as that: Always answer only as detailed as his / her message was. Studies show: if you subtly adapt your behavior to that of your partner, the other subconsciously feels understood. But that doesn’t mean that you should pretend. It’s about the small gestures, like the length of a message. In addition: Long novels quickly seem desperate. Sending question marks or impatient inquiries if an answer does not come immediately is also absolutely out of place. Patience often pays off.

The first date is to check the chemistry. A coffee meeting, a walk or a short meal together are perfectly adequate. The location should in any case be based on the interests of the other person but also on your own preferences. If you are planning something very special for the first meeting, it should be easy to cancel it at any time. After all, you don’t want to be stuck for two hours at a candlelit dinner with someone you don’t find so exciting in real life. You also have the opportunity for romantic meetings, if it fits and you are planning another date.

Once was founded in 2015 by Jean Meyer (CEO), Guillaume Sempé (CTO) and Guilhem Duché (VP of Engineering) as an alternative to dubious dating apps and antiquated dating agencies. The app currently has around two million users in France, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Brazil, the USA, Switzerland and Germany. From the end of September 2016, Once is also present in Austria. Once combines mobile technology with human matchmakers to provide a reputable platform for users of all ages and sexual orientations. The fastest growing dating app since Tinder also convinced well-known investors such as Partech Ventures and other business angels, who bought the app with more than eight million

online dating tips : The reason persons ought not do online dating service – Whether or not online and also

March 20th is the beginning of spring. With the first rays of sunshine many singles are increasingly looking for a partner again. Online dating portals, for example, have significantly more new registrations in spring than in winter. What users hope for from the respective platforms, Prof. Dr. Wera Aretz, Dean of Studies for Business Psychology (B.Sc.) and Head of the Psychology School at the Hochschule Fresenius in Cologne, examined in a study.

In spring, more singles are looking for a suitable partner again – often on the Internet. But every single has different intentions: One longs for a long-term relationship, the other just wants a short-term, amorous adventure. And the amount of online dating portals that offer their services on the market is huge. In Germany alone there are now an estimated well over 2,500 dating websites and applications for smartphone operating systems available. Who uses which of the numerous platforms? Are there certain things to look out for in online dating? Prof. Dr. Wera Aretz followed up in her investigations. The aim of their current study was to gain initial empirical findings on whether the users of different online dating offers differ and to what extent classic process or usage elements differ between different online dating offers. 143 online dating users and 342 non-users were surveyed online.

The results: who uses what? The typical user of online dating agencies such as ElitePartner or Parship is older than the other users and often already has a child. The main motive for using it here is to find a steady relationship. Younger people, on the other hand, tend to use online contact exchanges such as finya, or Lovescout24. The majority of those questioned also stated that they were looking for a permanent partnership. The motives of flirting and pastime are also rated comparatively high. Social dating users (e.g. Tinder, Lovoo, Badoo) are the youngest user group who mostly see their stay on the online portal as a pastime. More precisely, it is about looking at photos and achieving self-affirmation by receiving the highest possible number of matches (Aretz, 2015).

With regard to the selection of the numerous profiles presented on online platforms, it was shown that the photo exerts the greatest influence on the selection across all online dating offers. In a gender comparison, women have an overall more critical attitude when choosing a profile and decide for or against a person on the basis of several information. For example, they attach greater importance to the man’s height, status-relevant information and common interests than is the case with men.

“The results of our investigations show that you should first think carefully about which provider you choose. Because the intentions of use are very different here,” says Prof. Dr. Wera Aretz. “An important decision criterion is the photo”, continues the psychology professor. “You should bear this in mind when choosing the appropriate picture. It should not, however, distort reality too much, since you would like to get to know each other face to face at some point.”

online dating tips : The key reason why people shouldn’t perform online dating service – If on line and also

But if you like my articles, for example, feel free to tell me.

If you use my bike as a support on the bus or place your bag on it, it is overhanded because my bike is just as much a part of me as your handbag, for example. It also happens again and again that people, without asking me, move my aid to a different standing position because it is supposedly in the way.

Better: Do not lean on a stranger’s aids and never move them into another position. This is our private space. Should you make friends with me, then you are of course also in my private room, I have explained to you when I need help and you are also welcome to push me along a hill.

Perhaps you are also shocked by some situations that are common in the life of Rebecca and me. At the end of our conversation, Rebecca and I both noticed that our parents and friends still remember a lot of discrimination against us years later – but not we ourselves. I guess that’s our coping strategy. I don’t even think about every discriminatory everyday situation anymore. There are just too many. All the more important: Put yourself in our situation and think more about what your behavior triggers in me. With a little more sensitivity you can make my life and yours much easier.

Many problems in everyday situations arise from insecurities and fear of contact. “We have to accept that there are uncertainties because the common worlds are still far too rare,” said Rebecca in the further course of our conversation. According to the Federal Statistical Office, there were 7.9 million severely disabled people in Germany in 2019. Therefore, statistically speaking, every tenth person in our circle of friends would have to have a disability. Is it really like that? Rather not.

That is why people with and without disabilities have to get to know each other. The fear of contact, as a non-disabled person, to say or do something wrong only makes it even more complicated. Better to openly admit your nervousness. I know myself how difficult it is to find a barrier-free location. It would be much worse for me if you showed no interest at all in taking me out to an accessible restaurant. And: I also have reservations about people with other disabilities because I myself have few points of contact with their everyday world. Therefore, I am only giving tips here on situations that I encounter in everyday life as a short and disabled woman. The question is always how we deal with our fear of contact, want to learn something and less that we feel bad about it. After several meetings, my acquaintance also slowly put down his fear of contact and is now much more self-confident in contact with me.

Even non-menstruating people should learn how tampons, cups and the like work – in order to be able to have a say and empathize. An overview.

The year was screwed up. But there is still something going on. With these professional tips, shortly before the end of the year, you can finally get started with yoga, painting, tidying up, cooking, retirement planning and sophisticated literature.

online dating tips : The key reason why folks shouldn’t accomplish online dating service – Regardless of whether on the web or perhaps

Whether with Finya, Parship or Elite Partner – the perfect online dating profile should be created according to very special criteria in order to be able to successfully turn on men. If you want to flirt online, the following tips will help you for a successful appearance on the singles page.

The most important thing for your online dating profile is that you stand out from the other users. It is best to make specific and, above all, exciting statements that will attract the attention of potential new partners. Instead of just writing that you enjoy going to the cinema, give the reader an example of the last movie you watched and how you liked it.

Similarities provide a good entry point for a conversation. Remember, before you can turn men on, you should pique their interest. It is scientifically proven that women can increase the number of their online flirtations by listing the following films and series: “Homeland”, “Arrested Development” and “The Office”. However, you shouldn’t say anything that isn’t true. Not that your dream man asks you for details of the formats and you look stupid. Also, make sure to provide a charming and funny description of yourself and above all go into special features such as unusual hobbies or interests – that gives plus points.

Anyone who wants to flirt online and turn on men should know which photos the stronger sex actually jumps on. So selfies are particularly popular with them. Full body recordings are also a prerequisite for the perfect online dating profile. You can increase mail requests many times over. The more can be seen in the photo, the clearer the impression will be for the viewer. Warning: choose your pictures carefully, after all, photos are used for a lot of mischief on the internet. Overly revealing recordings can quickly lead in the wrong direction, but it shouldn’t be too conservative either. Tip: Eye contact is not only appealing in real life, it can also be quite attractive online.

In addition to numerous tips for the perfect online dating profile, there are also some faux pas that you should avoid generously: Don’t post group pictures, it takes far too long to find out where you’re hiding. Taking pictures of pets isn’t exactly helpful if you’re trying to turn on men successfully. It has been shown that these supposedly cute pics lead to significantly fewer letters. Another no-go are monologues that are way too long when describing your character. Be brief and leave room for questions. You should avoid small falsehoods or big lies as much as possible – especially when it comes to topics like offspring or your figure. At the latest when you first really get to know each other, you will be caught. Better be honest, you have a better chance of finding your Prince Charming.

online dating tips : Exactly why individuals probably should not do dating online – No matter if on the internet or

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There are plenty of chats for singles and more than 2 million singles use them regularly. Whoever presents his or her profile with the right flavor and also uses a picture that presents a great charisma can be sure that he or she will get one or the other opportunity to get to know someone. Whether teenagers or adults, there is something for everyone here.

Getting to know each other is often easier and less complicated in chat than in real life. The inhibition threshold is significantly lower in an Internet chat than in normal everyday life. Also when it comes to flirting. There are also some online dating tips, especially for shy people who do not (yet) dare to live in everyday life.

One way that is usually very popular during the first chat is to offer compliments. However, they should be meant honestly. Grating unnecessary licorice is usually too thick. A natural compliment like “I think the picture you took in front of the café is really cute. It looks really good!”. Then you can try to find a common area of ​​interest, be it work, hobbies, school or family. An automatic conversation is given.

The main thing that should be noticed on the internet is by having interesting conversations. It’s not just the pictures that have to be sexy and irresistible. The inner beauty receives more attention in advance than a first contact in real life. Therefore: Take enough time to get to know each other, compare interests and priorities and answer back honestly.

There is a feeling of connectedness by chatting or by making regular phone calls before the first live date. As a result, the uncertainty has already been reduced a little by then.

If the first meeting actually takes place soon, very shy people who don’t know what to say right away can also convince with their body language. An upright posture, long eye contact … all of these can already transmit positive signals.

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Pretty much everyone has already seen a person in real everyday life that he or she would have loved to talk to, but who did not dare to do so at that moment. Sweating, feeling nervous, or shaking. So better not before there is still a disgrace …

It’s much easier on the Internet. That’s why it’s okay to get straight to the point. If not now then when? Flirting is allowed if it doesn’t work … there are also other potential dear friends on the Internet!

Clumsy turn-ons were yesterday – today’s modern man addresses the lady of his dreams, whether in chat or in real life, in a way that is neither superficial nor flat. The same goes for the ladies, of course. Sexual innuendo should also remain taboo right from the start.

Better to be a little more discreet at the beginning than to fall into the house with the door straight away. Which doesn’t mean that you can’t flirt in a direct way or with a spark of humor. Everyone should have a bit of humor!


online dating tips : The key reason why people ought not perform online dating – No matter if on line or

Those affected could refuse this type of payment: “There is always the option of making a transfer,” emphasized the police. To be on the safe side, anyone who suspects fraud should fall back on this.

According to the police department in Görlitz, Saxony, the latest scam are: “Corona shock calls”. Corresponding fraud attempts on the phone had increased in Görlitz.

According to the police, a stranger called a man and pretended to be a doctor who was about to fly the son of the person concerned to Dresden. The reason is a corona infection, the patient’s condition is allegedly critical. “The supposed doctor also reported that the sick person urgently needed a Russian preparation. This had to be financed with 8,000 euros,” it said. However, the called party did not respond and hung up.

In Dresden, a trickster tried a different way. According to the police, a man called a 79-year-old woman and pretended to be her grandson. He claimed to have corona and was lying in a hospital. Then he handed the phone over to a supposed doctor. He told the pensioner that her grandson would die if he was not treated with an unapproved drug. But costs of 150,000 euros have to be paid for this. The woman called her real grandson back and noticed the planned fraud in time.

Warning to private sellers on online classifieds markets: At the moment, a trick is being used increasingly in which criminals try to rip off their victims via the transport costs, warns the Hamburg consumer center.

The alleged buyer immediately expresses great interest in the goods on offer and does not even try to negotiate the asking price. If the seller tries to make an appointment for collection and payment, the prospective buyer can allegedly not be able to attend because he is currently abroad.

As a solution, the interested party offers to transfer the purchase price and the transport costs to the seller’s bank account and commission a shipping company to collect the goods. If the seller agrees, he will receive an email from a payment service confirming that the purchase price including the collection costs has been debited from the buyer’s account.

The email is of course fake: The seller’s account will never receive a cent. Instead, the seller asks to send the shipping costs to the alleged transport company abroad via a money transfer service. The money is then gone, never to be seen again.

Therefore, consumers should stop the supposed sale by this point at the latest and do nothing more, advise consumer advocates.

online dating tips : Precisely why people today should never carry out dating online – If on-line or

The search for the dream woman or man is child’s play online. Provided you find the right single exchange. A few rules of the game must be observed, but then nothing should stand in the way of the new happiness in love.

Before deciding who the new partner could be, it is important to find the right contact platform from the large number of dating sites. First, it should be clear whether you are out for a flirt or really want to find the man or woman for life. Age is also decisive, i.e. the target group. Those who are young may be looking for a partner, but are not yet thinking about specific family planning and children. There are even special exchanges for erotic, which is why you should think carefully about your ideas before registering on any partner exchange.

It makes no sense to register at random on a dating site that does not suit you. The end result are random messages sent by people you don’t like or who don’t fit your profile. This only causes frustration and could even lead to disappointment in the end of the whole search for great happiness.

Flirting, relationships or erotic adventures require different offers in order to find the right partner. Paid portals often spread the wheat litter. Sometimes people who pay for dating are perhaps more open-minded and more seriously interested? That is different from single exchange to single exchange and also no guarantee that the other person is really serious. The number of members already provides more information. Incidentally, with some portals you can arrange a free trial period in order to gain an impression and make initial contacts.

There are dating sites that only allow new contacts to be made and others that offer an additional service. For example, a check on the correspondence of personal views, characteristics and expectations, which enables potential partner suggestions, or advice areas in which you can find lots of tips for a successful partner search.

Not everyone likes to be matched, but wants to be active in online dating themselves. The additional service usually costs money. However, even a form of payment on an online dating platform is no guarantee for a successful partner search. But in principle one can assume that someone who is willing to spend money on the single exchange is serious about their search for a new partner.

A personable photo and a fully completed profile are essential. A nice picture of the person makes virtual contact a lot easier. You should also find your way around the chosen online dating portal, because that way you never lose track of your contacts and romantic messages.

A relaxed atmosphere is important, because as soon as the target group and the selection fit, you spend some time chatting or exchanging messages. Trust is good, control is better. Honesty or not: You don’t have to reveal everything, you should check how trustworthy the online candidate is.

online dating tips : The reason why folks must not complete online dating service – Whether on the web and also

Most people who live alone wonder if they can find a partner through the internet. Going to bars or nightclubs alone is not for everyone. Some feel too old and others shy away from contact. How much more anonymous is a singles exchange on the Internet?

So that you don’t fall on your nose, you should pay attention to some important online dating tips, because singles exchanges look for partners together based on the psycho profile. Serious providers require membership that is limited in time and for which a fee is of course charged. The singles exchanges do not give any guarantees, but it has been proven that a partnership is established on the fourth date at the latest.

Winter and thus the dark season is approaching, many people are alone and want to spend the next Christmas with a dear partner. Online dating portals offer a good chance of getting to know this person. However, you should pay attention to a few points so that the right partner can be found.

1. Self-discovery – how am I myself? A self-assessment is particularly important for creating your own profile. This self-assessment includes the expectation of the partner as well as the partnership, what you yourself are ready to give and what you wish to receive. What are your strengths, your weaknesses? The strengths are particularly to be emphasized.

2. Choosing the perfect partner exchange – there are many partner exchanges on the Internet and you don’t know which one is right? The reputable providers in this direction require a contribution to membership, which is limited to a certain time. You should be clear about the target group and carefully choose a partner exchange in this regard. We at FlirtUniversity recommend MeetOne as a reliable platform to get dates quickly.

3. Your website – profiles with a picture are viewed more often than without. The picture should be as natural as possible, i.e. not posed or faked, so that the partner does not walk past you on the blind date.

4. Real contact – a dating portal is ideal for first contact, which should always be followed by a date. The attitude to your date should be optimistic and you should be open to anything. Believe in yourself and meet as early as possible, because you can only really make a decision face to face. Your expectations are especially important, and if it doesn’t fit on the first date, keep trying. The more dates, the easier it is for you – baskets are a part of it, even if it would have suited you. A partnership always takes two.

5. Honesty – stick to reality and don’t make yourself more than you are. This is one of the online dating tips, because if you open up too much on the date and the partner quickly sees behind the lies, then the partnership is quickly over.

6. No emotional games – if your date partner has visibly more feelings for you than you do for her, then be honest. No false promises and no hesitation, but always remember: There is almost no perfect counterpart! Be loving, respectful, open to new things, considerate but determined and express your wishes and expectations of the partner. She will then tell you whether the wishes can be fulfilled. Small flaws in the partner are to be overlooked, because there is no such thing as a flawless person!

One of the most important tips for online dating is that you put yourself in the right light without pretending to be or lying about details. This will be one of the most important points when filling out the questionnaire for your profile. Make the women who view your profile curious, but don’t reveal everything.

Stick to the truth, because this is the only way to find the right, suitable partner and to meet your partner’s expectations without bending your part. Another important, often overlooked, online dating tip is that you do not have too high expectations of your future partner. Nobody can meet all expectations. Less is often more!

It’s always about getting to know each other, chatting, meeting up and falling in love. Have a look here too!