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There are plenty of chats for singles and more than 2 million singles use them regularly. Whoever presents his or her profile with the right flavor and also uses a picture that presents a great charisma can be sure that he or she will get one or the other opportunity to get to know someone. Whether teenagers or adults, there is something for everyone here.

Getting to know each other is often easier and less complicated in chat than in real life. The inhibition threshold is significantly lower in an Internet chat than in normal everyday life. Also when it comes to flirting. There are also some online dating tips, especially for shy people who do not (yet) dare to live in everyday life.

One way that is usually very popular during the first chat is to offer compliments. However, they should be meant honestly. Grating unnecessary licorice is usually too thick. A natural compliment like “I think the picture you took in front of the café is really cute. It looks really good!”. Then you can try to find a common area of ​​interest, be it work, hobbies, school or family. An automatic conversation is given.

The main thing that should be noticed on the internet is by having interesting conversations. It’s not just the pictures that have to be sexy and irresistible. The inner beauty receives more attention in advance than a first contact in real life. Therefore: Take enough time to get to know each other, compare interests and priorities and answer back honestly.

There is a feeling of connectedness by chatting or by making regular phone calls before the first live date. As a result, the uncertainty has already been reduced a little by then.

If the first meeting actually takes place soon, very shy people who don’t know what to say right away can also convince with their body language. An upright posture, long eye contact … all of these can already transmit positive signals.

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Pretty much everyone has already seen a person in real everyday life that he or she would have loved to talk to, but who did not dare to do so at that moment. Sweating, feeling nervous, or shaking. So better not before there is still a disgrace …

It’s much easier on the Internet. That’s why it’s okay to get straight to the point. If not now then when? Flirting is allowed if it doesn’t work … there are also other potential dear friends on the Internet!

Clumsy turn-ons were yesterday – today’s modern man addresses the lady of his dreams, whether in chat or in real life, in a way that is neither superficial nor flat. The same goes for the ladies, of course. Sexual innuendo should also remain taboo right from the start.

Better to be a little more discreet at the beginning than to fall into the house with the door straight away. Which doesn’t mean that you can’t flirt in a direct way or with a spark of humor. Everyone should have a bit of humor!


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